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Trim.bat to CCenhancer and custom.ini doc

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    Hello, CCenhancer is awesome, simple and fast tool to update winapp2.ini! 😉

    Winapp2.ini has grown lately almost to 1000 entries and it reduces CCleaner’s start-up time greatly. I found the trimming tool in “winapp2.ini additions” thread and it removed all those entries that I do not need, and the start-up is almost instant now!

    I was wondering that could this “trimming” be implemented also in ccenhancer? I think it would greatly improve ccenhancer’s capabilities as it could be used after the update manually or automatically!

    Also, in some update I saw mention about “custom.ini” file to overwrite own entries, but I can’t find any documentation how to use it. Is there any info about it or could it be added, thanks!

    All the best,

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    Shane Gowland

    Yes; we’ve neglected to write the documentation for custom.ini so far. It’s somewhere on a to-do list 😉

    Basically; create a file called custom.ini in the same folder as CCEnhancer. Place any winapp entries into this file that you wish to use, but aren’t part of the winapp2.ini file we ship.

    When you update using CCEnhancer; all of the entries in custom.ini will be merged with the updated winapp2.ini file automatically.

    As for Trim.bat; it’s something we plan on adding.

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    CCEnhancer is awesome, but I’m curious why the latest release is to larger in size than any previous one.

    As far as custom.ini goes, it does merge it with newly downloaded winapp2.ini, but if Trim function is used it strips all custom entries 🙁

    Would be nice if Trim would append custom.ini at the end of processing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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