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Windows Defender no longer works

Home Forums CCEnhancer Support Windows Defender no longer works

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    Ciao, sul mio PC portatile ho Windows Vista installato; sfortunatamente ho settato in cancellazione la voce “Windows Defender Definition Updates*” il risultato è stato che mi ha reso inutilizzabile Windows Defender.
    Ho anche cercato di individuare quali file mi ha cancellato aprendo “winapp2.ini” ma non sono riuscito a capirlo.
    Qualcuno è in grado di dirmi come fare a ripristinarlo visto che non è reinstallabile essendo integrato in Windows Vista.


    Hi, on my laptop I have Windows Vista installed, unfortunately I set to delete the “Windows Defender Definition Updates*” the result was that I made it unusable Windows Defender.
    I also tried to find out which files I deleted by opening “winapp2.ini” but I could not figure it out.
    Can anyone tell me how to restore it as it is not reinstallable being integrated into Windows Vista.

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    Shane Gowland

    It seems unlikely that removing the definitions would break the entire program. I think this is probably more related to yesterday’s Windows updates that included some improvements to Windows Defender.

    The best option would be to run the installer over the top. It should allow you to access a repair option.

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    Thanks for the reply Shane. The failure of my Windows Defender has happened in the month of November 2012, I have just now discovered this community is only now that I wrote my post. I’m sure the fault has occurred after using CCleaner, with the setting of the cancellation only of “Windows Defender Definition Updates *”.
    The idea to re-install Windows Defender on Windows Vista is not feasible, I could only fully restore Windows Vista with the recovery CDs but that would mean the loss of about 3 years of WinVista Update and the need to reinstall all my software !!!
    Under these conditions, I agree to remain without Windows Defender? What do you think?
    (Sorry for may bad English !!!)

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    Shane Gowland

    You can re-install Windows Defender separately to Windows Vista. The installer is available from Microsoft’s website.

    You should also try running the System File Checking tool (sfc.exe). Directions for doing this can be found in this support article.

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    Thanks for the suggestions Shane but, as I said in my last post you can not reinstall Windows Defender only because, being integrated in Win Vista, the operating system does not allow it.
    I also tried the suggestion to run “System File Checking tool (sfc.exe)” and when it has completed 78% of the test is stopped and gave the following message: “Windows Resource Protection: Can not perform the requested operation” .
    At this point I do not know what to do, do you have any other suggestions for me?
    Thank you. Felix.

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    Shane Gowland

    Does your system have a repair disk, or a Windows Recovery partition accessible from BIOS?

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    Hi Shane, on my laptop I have 2 CDs (Recovery # 1 and # 2) that I have created, as suggested by the manufacturer ACER, as soon as I started to use the PC (in 2009). In practice, these two CDs contain the image of the back-up of Win Vista PC as I was sold.
    Not being very experienced I can not tell if the Windows Recovery partition is accessible from BIOS.
    Thanks also to dvdbane for the suggestions.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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