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    Kash Butani

    I use Windows 7 Pro.  I use your latest program file from Pro Club.

    I have tried to load the program several time.

    The action buttons (RESIZE, COMPRESS, CONVERT) do NOT show up anywhere.  A snapshot of the screen is attached.

    Also, I cannot load the images.  “Browse” on the screen takes you to the picture, but none of the pictures or folders load.

    In my last post, I did not ask you to describe the simplicity of your program. I am sure, you are proud of it.  However, if  the program  doe not work as intended, it is no good.

    Simply tell me what o do to: (1)  Load the files, and (2) Where to find Buttons or Icons to Perform the actions


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)