Bzzt! Image Editor 1.3

Bzzt! Image Editor 1.3 is now available! You can download it from the Bzzt! Image Editor product page, unless you’re a Pro Club member, in which case it will update automatically.

What’s new in version 1.?

  • Added support for JPEG XL files using the .jxl extension
  • Increased the height of the setting panel to improve control spacing
  • Updated the Russian and Simplified Chinese localizations
  • Upgraded the underlying image processing library
  • Improved flexibility of File Rename Patterns with new {num} variable*

*Using {num} in the rename pattern will ensure unique filenames are created when processing multiple files at once. For the first image it will output ‘0’ and increase by 1 for each subsequent image file.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for a SingularLabs website redesign! We’ve stuck with the current design for 8 years now, so it’s well past time for a refresh. A couple of hours of downtime is to be expected, unfortunately.

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