Bzzt! Image Editor beta #2 available

Bzzt! Image Editor’s second beta is now available for download. The interface has been reworked to accommodate lots of new features that were added or have been planned for future versions. The full list of feature additions and bug fixes since beta #1 are listed below.

  • Added the ability to rotate images
  • Added support for translations
  • Added option maintain/ignore aspect ratio
  • Added option to un-stick Bzzt! from the topmost position on the desktop
  • Fixed issue where the output image dimension values couldn’t be changed
  • Added support for transparent PNG images
  • Added option to disable the automatic update check

If no serious bugs are discovered in this beta, the first stable build of Bzzt! Image Editor should be released within the next couple of weeks.

You can download the latest version of Bzzt! from its official download page.

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