CCEnhancer 3.0

We’ve starting making CCEnhancer more useful for advanced users who are comfortable working with winapp2.ini files. Version 3.0 now has a debugging feature, that allows you to scan your CCEnhancer definitions for hundreds of possible syntax errors. CCEnhancer 3.0 can simultaneously update multiple CCleaner installs, has better portable CCleaner support and even supports BleachBit. The new version is available from the official download page. Full list of changes below:

Full list of changes

– Better detection mechanisms.
– Improved support for portable CCleaner.
– BleachBit (Windows) is now supported.
– Added winapp2.ini rule debugger
– Improved user interface. Now resizable.
– Can update multiple winapp2.ini files at the same time.
– Updated the translation engine to the latest version.

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