CCEnhancer 3.2

CCEnhancer 3.2 brings more languages and fewer bugs. Due to popular demand we’ve changed the definition update process back to the version 2.x way of doing things.

  • Added Italian, Finnish & German Translations
  • Program now closes after update, by default.
  • “winapp2.ini” file is no longer left in the same directory as CCEnhancer.
  • CCEnhancer 3.2 is available in English-only and multilingual editions, from the download page.

    10 thoughts on “CCEnhancer 3.2”

    1. I would love to see auto updater version as well. It is annoying that we’ve to download the whole installation file every time we need to update.

      • There is not really much point in an auto-updater. Program updates aren’t overly important compared to the definitions. The majority of CCEnhancer users are still running 2.x; which works just fine.


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