CCEnhancer 3.8

CCEnhancer 3.8 is a minor release aiming to improve translations and fix some minor issues.

  • Improved compatibility with new download server
  • Updated error messages with newer URLs
  • Menu tooltips can now be translated
  • Added Japanese and Ukrainian translations
  • Updated French and German translations
  • Grab the update from the official CCEnhancer page.

    2 thoughts on “CCEnhancer 3.8”

    1. So, as a user of CCEnhancer 2.5.1 because it doesn’t pollute the root directory where the CCEnhancer.exe is (which is an issue because the folder is shared, dont need an an options or DUPLICATE copy of the winapp2 file), with these updates I keep seeing info about a new download server… am I going to have to worry about my v2.5.1 stopping working anytime soon?


      • It will typically only create the second file if it doesn’t have permission to download directly into the CCleaner folder. In your case, I suspect it’s because CCEnhancer is stored in a shared folder. I’ll try to get this resolved.

        Version 2.5.1 will continue to work in the future.


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