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CCEnhancer 3.9

Published February 16, 2014 in Releases

CCEnhancer 3.9 is now available from the official download page. This version contains several bug fixes and updated localizations.

  • Tooltip text is now translated correctly.
  • Updated Bulgarian and Russian translations.
  • Winapp Debug tool now reports the correct number of detected issues.
  • If you find our software valuable, please consider joining the SingularLabs Pro Club.


    1. Nice. It’s been a long time since the last update. Thanks for this useful app.


      February 16, 2014

    2. This software is very useful to me and i Use it alot. Keep up the good work


      February 17, 2014

    3. If you create a version for the pro club which doesnt spawn a config file and the winapp2 file in the directory its run from let me know, ill sign up…


      March 4, 2014

    4. winapp2 Link Not Working Please fix İt 🙂

      Dark frost

      March 4, 2014

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