CCEnhancer 4.1

CCEnhancer 4.1 adds a graphical interface for adding your own cleaning routines to CCleaner, Slokak and Greek localizations plus bug fixes.

  • Added Greek and Slovak localizations
  • Added interface for adding custom winapp2.ini entries
  • Now detects CCleaner64.exe when CCleaner.exe has been deleted
  • Removed in-app advertisement
  • Updated Bulgarian and Russian localizations
  • The newest version is available from the CCEnhancer homepage.

    1 thought on “CCEnhancer 4.1”

    1. Finally! CCEnhancer used to find the default ccleaner.exe on any machine I was working on and overwrite the winapp2.ini. NOT GOOD when working from a portable drive. Now it’s fixed and only the winapp2.ini that I specify in portable locations is changed. THANX!


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