JavaRa 2.0 alpha build available

JavaRa 2.0 is now available for testing purposes. Do not suggest this version to troubleshoot JRE related issues until a stable build is available. JavaRa makes significant changes to your registry and filesystem, so please make sure you backup valuable data before testing.


Improvements from 1.16?

The most significant change is the overhauled user interface, with a new “walk-through” approach to troubleshooting JRE issues.

Current regressions from 1.16

– The new translations are not yet completed. If you would like to contribute a translation, please get in touch.
– Cleaning of JRE logs is not yet available from the “Additional Tools” menu.
– Commandline switches are currently disabled.
– Windows XP users may require .NET 2.0 or newer installed.
– Debugging logs are not available.

Additional work required before release

– “Automation” features, including cross-network execution.
– Support for running “repair scripts,” where JavaRa performs a series of user defined actions.

How can I help?

– Contribute a translation
– Review the code – JavaRa is completely open source.

JavaRa 2.0 is available from the download page.

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