JavaRa 2.0 Beta #3

This is hopefully going to be the final JavaRa beta before the long awaited stable release. We’ve fixed numerous x64 Windows compatibility issues and improved general performance. Advanced features including commandline switches and internal event logging are finally working too! Lastly; we’ve (once again) made things more straightforward for our amazing translators. Grab the latest beta from the official download page and report any issues in the support forum.


Full list of changes

– Updated Polish translation
– Added /CLEAN, /PURGE and /SILENT commandline switches.
– Can now produce a log file
– Fixed x64 bug in “Remove JRE Startup Items” tool.
– “Show JRE Versions” now supports x64 JRE installs.
– JRE Installer now automatically opens after download.
– Improved translatability of page labels.
– Comments (*//) in language files now supported

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