JavaRa 2.1

The recently discovered Zero-day Java exploit has increased JavaRa’s popularity significantly, so we’re pushing version 2.1 earlier than expected.

  • Added Java temporary file cleaning tool
  • Added German, Spanish & Hungarian translations
  • Added /UPDATEDEFS and /UNINSTALLALL commandline arguments
  • Program now requests admin rights on start
  • Improved detection of Java version
  • Grab the update from the JavaRa download page.

    Less Significant Changes

  • Displays an alert if no JRE installations are found
  • Fixed potential crash when checking Java version
  • Localized the online update check
  • Updated Russian & French translations
  • Improved performance of translator module
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    1. I have 12,000 computers I have to deal with, so I cannot touch every one. I need the command switches for JavaRA 2.1. Link to JavaRA documentation downloads a file with no extension. Reader and Word 2010 won’t open it. I just want to remove ALL java installations found. Any suggestions?


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