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JavaRa 2.2

Published May 28, 2013 in Releases

We’re proud to announce the release of JavaRa 2.2, which focuses on improvements to the command-line functions. We’ve also released new JavaRa definitions, which add removal support for JRE 1.7.21.

  • Commandline switch feature improved significantly (props rweber)
  • Error logging improvements
  • Interface text is now easier to localize
  • Added Finnish and Czech translations
  • Configuration file is saved more efficiently
    1. 4 Comments

    2. Hi Shane,
      I amk very glad for that you have taken your time to update Javara and the definition file!

      Will the new version also detect and remove JRE version 6 Update 45 from April 16, 2013?

      Regards and thanks for your answer

      Anders Boholdt-Petersen

      May 29, 2013

      • Yes, but I’ve only tested JRE 1.6.x removal on Windows 7. There shouldn’t be any problems though.

        Shane Gowland

        May 29, 2013

    3. Does this mean that the remove all command line switch now works with quiet?

      Andy Sheimo

      August 19, 2013

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