MetroTextual 1.6

MetroTextual 1.6 is now available, offering a number of bug fixes and some cool new features for power users.

  • Improved – brand new ‘Recent Files’ interface in the sidebar
  • Added – Code commenting and uncommenting tool, that detects the current language
  • Added – Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Fixed – Keyboard shortcuts now working in Markdown editor
  • Fixed – Horizontal scrollbar no longer shows all the time
  • Fixed – Window edges no longer obscured when MetroTextual is maximized
  • Updated – Russian translation
  • 6 thoughts on “MetroTextual 1.6”

    1. Oops, I must have missed it because I thought the folder would be MetroTextual rather than SingularLabs. My bad.

      I have found the configuration file and removed it. After redoing my custom settings, the problem returned.

      However, i might have found the bug using the following test case:

      1. Select Menu -> Settings at the top right hand corner of Metro Textual.
      2. Change the font size from the default 9.75 to any other size. eg. 9, 18, 12.
      3. Ensure that the checkbox ‘Make the UI background darker’ is checked.
      4. Select the ‘Save’ button.
      5. Select the ‘Close Settings’ button.
      6. Close Metro Textual.

      Expected result:

      The background of Metro Textual would be darker with the change in font size.

      Actual result:

      The background of Metro Textual remains light while the font size change is done correctly.

      Side Note:

      The test case above is passed with Metro Textual v1.5.


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