MetroTextual 1.8

The latest version of MetroTextual has been released! Version 1.8 is packed with new features, including editing support for Rich Text, Java, PHP and C++ files. There’s lots of bug fixes too, plus a new Greek translation.

  • Added support for Rich Text documents, plus a font styling toolbar
  • Redesigned and simplified the settings page
  • Added syntax highlighting support for PHP, Java and C++
  • Added code folding support to all supported languages
  • Added a window transparency option
  • ‘Toggle Live Preview’ button added to the context menu for Markdown and HTML documents
  • Added Greek translation and updated the Russian translation
  • Fixed an audio bug encountered when using the HTML or Markdown Live Preview panel

You can grab the latest version from the MetroTextual download page. If you enjoy using MetroTextual, please consider supporting us financially by joining the SingularLabs Pro Club.

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