System Ninja 3.1.1

System Ninja 3.1.1 significantly improves web browser cleaning capabilities and fixes a variety of issues.

  • Added Google Chrome Application Cache and GPU Cache cleaning support.
  • Added cleaning support for Google Chrome’s built-in Flash implementation.
  • Improved Internet Explorer cleaning on Windows 10.
  • Improved support for Thumbnail Cache cleaning.
  • Process Manager now clearly indicates that it will Force Quit an unresponsive process.
  • Added a gentler ‘End Process’ option to the Process Manager.
  • Fixed several interface issues that could cause file deletion operations to be interrupted.
  • Fixed issue causing Process Manager to incorrectly mark Modern Apps as non-responsive.
  • Added Slovenian localization.
  • Fixed blurry icon issue in Software Uninstaller
  • You can download System Ninja 3.1.1 for free from the System Ninja product page.

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