System Ninja 3.2.2

System Ninja 3.2.2 is now available for download. This version changes the way update detection and automatic updates are handled, improves the junk file cleaning engine, and improves accessibility for our users that don’t speak English.

Scanning improvements

  • Fixed a recycle bin cleaning bug that could potentially crash System Ninja
  • Improved Google Chrome cleaning
  • Fixed some display issues with the hard drive selection dialog on low-resolution screens

Updater fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing System Ninja from detecting an available update
  • Fixed issue that could prevent automatic updates from working
  • Added a field to enter your Pro Club email address to enable automatic update

Localization improvements

  • The installer now auto-detects and runs in 26 different languages
  • Fixed some previously untranslatable text
  • Added Greek and Estonian translations
  • Updated Russian translation

You can download the latest version from the System Ninja homepage. System Ninja will update automatically for our Pro Club members, assuming they’re not affected by the auto-update bug addressed in this version. Apologies to those that are.

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