MetroTextual is still in a very early stage of development; so you can expect this list to exponentially increase as time goes on. We’re really excited about our mission to build the best Metro UI text editing app ever.

Syntax Highlighting

MetroTextual supports full syntax highlighting for C#, XML, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, Python, SQL and Assembly language. The highlighting functionality is based on the powerful Scintilla component; most famously used in Notepad++. MetroTextual automatically loads the most appropriate syntax highlighter based on the extension of the file you’re editing.

Beautiful User Interface

MetroTextual is clean, simple and elegant. There’s just enough user interface to be useful, but not enough to bother you while you’re working.

Lighting Fast

MetroTextual is incredibly fast; thanks to clever use of multi-threading technology. It’s possibly the only plaintext editor that fully utilized modern CPU’s for manipulating text; while using hardware acceleration to power the GUI. What does that mean in simple terms? MetroTextual can handle massive amounts of text without ever slowing down. Within reason, of course.

Impressive Compatibility

MetroTextual can read and edit text using any Windows-supported character encoding system. Unicode is used exclusively throughout the app, plus right-to-left (RTL) encoding is also supported. If it’s text; MetroTextual can open it.

Totally International

The same powerful translation engine found in System Ninja is fully integrated into MetroTextual. There are still a number of minor issues with non-English operating systems; however the application will still work beautifully.

Markdown Editor

MetroTextual features a markdown editor with a split-screen live preview. Dozens of markdown variations are supported; and all of them export as clean, standards-compliant HTML code.

Always On Top

Perfect for taking notes. MetroTextual can be configured always stay on top of other open windows, even when it doesn’t have focus. Combine this with the window opacity feature, you can continue to see underneath MetroTextual while you write.

File Recovery

Never lose another file. MetroTextual periodically stores a backup of your files, so none of your work is lost when disaster (inevitably) strikes.

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