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JavaRa 2.1 – Localization – Proposals to help the current and new translator

Home Forums Product Support JavaRa Support JavaRa 2.1 – Localization – Proposals to help the current and new translator

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    I’m working on (italian) translation about JavaRa 2.1.

    I verified some problems about current program distribution

    – Is not included a master english file
    – All languages are not updated and many strings is missings.

    I started to create the italian language.
    I copied a language (es spanish.lng) as italian.lng
    I changed teh spanish strings in italian strings (using the english ref’s)
    When I finsied teh tarnslation I renamed “output_strings.false” in” output_strings.true”.
    The I run JavaRa and it created “debug-errors.ITALIAN.log”
    The problem that “debug-errors.ITALIAN.log” contain the string in a form not uable for language file because is not the real strings that I have to add to language file but contains some additionals CR/LF.

    To help the user that want to revise/create a new language file I propose to add in every program reelase a mster emnglish file that contain all strings used by program.

    In this way the translator can sue to compare with current translation (for exisiting translations) or to create a new language.

    Thanks. Bye.

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    Use Russian.locale as the basis for your translation.

    Windows 10 Insider Preview, x64

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    I’m quite complete the italian tarnslation but many strings are missing and not included in otehr language.

    Please read my most.

    Run the application.
    Set the Russian language.
    Exit by application.

    Rename “output_strings.false” to ” “output_strings.true”
    Run the application.
    Exit by application.

    Check ““debug-errors.RUSSIAN.log”

    The log file contains the missing strings. But you cannot use it because the log contains additional CR/LF and the strings are not identified.


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    This my italian translation.

    #8287 Reply

    This is the missing strings report

    #8289 Reply

    Theese are the screenshoots of GUI multilanguage error.

    General proposal.

    – Make a bigger main window
    – Make larger button width (not english text is longer than english…)
    – Run the program with string check option and check if theer some text strings misisng in master english file.
    – Add to the program distribution an english language (that can be used to start a translation) with all strings for the program in english language.

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    Please revised the program and language strings.

    I will heck it again.

    #8292 Reply

    All text in the interface is can be translated into your language. All strings there is in a Russian localization. Ignore the debug log.

    Some lines are translated as:

    We recommend that you try running the Java Runtime Environment’s built-in| translation
    uninstaller before you continue.|translation.

    Some of the lines begin with a space or end. All this must be taken into account.

    If your text does not fit – improvise. Does not translate everything to the last mark, only the essence.

    Windows 10 Insider Preview, x64

    #8293 Reply

    As you can see by my screenshoots, there are several pproblems about strings and GUI.

    The russian language is not complete and is nor alphabetically sorted and it create a lot of problem to identify teh string missing.

    The debug log is usefull because show the missing string.
    Infact if your run teh program with russian language you can check that the GUI problems reported by me are the same because teh strings are missing for italian but also for russian language.

    To dientify teh strings adding spaces at start or the end to the phrase to find the right issue is quite frustrating.

    If you want to help the translator to fix the problem, you should do.

    – Make a russian language file with all strings needs in alphabetical order.

    In this way anyone can compare his language with yours.

    Thanks. Bye.

    #8294 Reply

    Any questions?


    Windows 10 Insider Preview, x64

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)
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