MetroTextual 1.5

MetroTextual 1.5 is now available; with new languages, feature improvements and plenty of bug fixes. Grab it from the official download page.

  • Added automatic file saving and recovery
  • Added French, Czech and Japanese translations
  • Fixed issue where incorrect cursor icon would display
  • Fixed UI rendering issues for non-English users
  • Improved UI performance when dealing with large files
  • Improved reliability of file read/write operations
  • Fixed issue where MetroTextual could not be closed
  • 3 thoughts on “MetroTextual 1.5”

    1. This text editor is extremely cool. I typically use wordpad for short form text entry, and I turn off as many features as possible, but it’s still not as minimal as it should be. metrotextual appears to go that extra mile.

      Just need to minimize even further so that when inputting text there’s nothing on the screen but the border, the background, and the text. I’d pay for that app gladly. The settings etc should be via right click menus only.

      Good work!


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