System Ninja 2.3.1

System Ninja 2.3.1 is now available, correcting a number of bugs that were reported in version 2.3. The most commonly occurring of these bugs is an error that causes the program to freeze at 93% completion. The update can be downloaded from the official download page. A full list of changes can be seen below. If you experience any upgrading issues, please visit The Web Atom forums for help. Thanks!


Changes since

– “Delete Files” button no longer removes unselected items.
– The width of the columns can now be preserved.
– The tab titles can now be translated.
– No longer attempts to render interface controls that do not exist.
– Height/Width of the program Window can now be preserved.
– CleanSync cleaning rules will display the correct title with greater frequency.
– Scanning engine will no longer freeze at 93%
– URL’s in the help file now open webpage.
– Scan progress is now displayed on the very first scan.
– Manually checking for updates now returns a response.
– Firefox cache can be deleted successfully.

4 thoughts on “System Ninja 2.3.1”

  1. Where I can download the program language to Spanish Ninja System 3.31 since it has incomplete.
    If you would like to have it fully translated into Spanish means send to my email address.


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