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System Ninja 2.3.2

Published March 19, 2012 in Releases

System Ninja 2.3.2 is now available. As per usual; bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made. Get it from official download page.

  • Added Polish, Russian and Swedish translations
  • Added interface to ignore specific programs from cleaning
  • Improved Windows 8 compatibility
  • Fixed UAC error when installing
  • Fixed problem with progress bar in “folder scan” mode.
  • Added “Update to beta versions” option.
  • Less exciting (technical) changes

  • “Untranslated Strings” output is now dumped when program closes
  • “Untranslated Strings” output settings are now controlled by a file
  • Comments (//*) are now ignored from localization files.
  • A RAR archive of current NinjaScript entries is now available.
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    2. thnx!!!!
      “Added interface to ignore specific programs from cleaning”


      March 19, 2012

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