System Ninja 2.3.3

We’ve packed an awful lot into the System Ninja 2.3.3 update; yet it remains as powerful and lightweight as always. For our international users; we’ve added German and Italian translations, updated Dutch, Russian and Polish and fixed a few localization bugs. The interface has been refined to be more intuitive and consistent; the Settings page even got a total redesign. New features have been added too, including “scan modes” and a new System Analysis category. The update is available from the official download page.

Full list of changes

– All cleaning routines now ship with the installer.
– Updated Polish, Russian and Dutch translations.
– Added German and Italian translations.
– Fixed a rare Startup Manager crash on x64 systems.
– Added Network Adapter information to System Analysis tool.
System Analysis will now auto-select the first detected device from the drop-down list.
– Fixed issue preventing cursor from reverting back to normal when a scan is cancelled.
– Fixed issue preventing CheckedState of ‘Misc Junk’ checkbox from being preserved.
– Redesigned settings page to use groups
– Re-arranged buttons on “Confirm File Deletion” dialog
– Fixed bug preventing individual files being deleted
– Scripts folder no longer purged on update
– CleanSync now removes scripts that aren’t being distributed anymore
– ‘x’ button removed from Hard Drive Selector dialog
– Label on “Browsers open” dialog now translated.
– Credits file now embedded into program
– Fixed crash caused by comments in language files
– Fixed crash inside process manager tool.
– Fixed issue causing partial translations.
– Fixed duplicate entries in “Ignore Programs” list

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