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System Ninja 2.3.5

Published July 5, 2012 in Releases

System Ninja 2.3.5 has landed; packed with improvements across the board. Grab it while it’s hot from the download page.

  • Added cleaning support for Safari, Palemoon & Waterfox
  • Added Vietnamese translation
  • Made several performance improvements
  • Added “Get Plugins” interface
  • Improved “Scan Exclusions” interface
    1. 4 Comments

    2. I would like to thank you for your extraordinary software.
      Thank you for letting me use it.

      Enrique Calderón

      July 28, 2012

    3. My new favorite cleaner! Are there any switches I can employ to automatically run it? Thanks

      Michael Ayers

      August 18, 2012

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