System Ninja 2.4

System Ninja 2.4 is lighter, faster and more effective than ever before. The latest version is available (for free) from the official download page.

  • Added support for Winapp2.ini cleaning routines
  • Added Software Uninstaller tool
  • Improved performance of the scanning engine on multicore CPUs
  • Removed NinjaScript support.
  • Fixed several display and accessibility bugs
  • 6 thoughts on “System Ninja 2.4”

    1. ccleaner + winapp2.ini vs system ninja + winapp2.ini??
      any different?
      just for cleaning comparison..not other features comparison

      • CCleaner checks pre-defined locations for junk files. System Ninja scans the entire hard drive and uses a heuristic algorithm to determine if the file is junk. The quantity of junk found differs, as System Ninja prefers to target the more “difficult to find” files.

    2. But System Ninja needs something that CCleaner already hve: the secure deleting (until 35 gutman). That’s the only way if you want to protect.
      System Ninja needs this option to be powerful.

      • Not happening. Why invest time replicating features that other software already has? Furthermore; the majority of new PC’s are shipped with Solid State Drives, which operate very different to mechanical drives. Overwriting processes on these drives simply shortens the lifespan and offers no benefit to privacy or security.


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