System Ninja 3.0.1

System Ninja 3.0.1 is now available, including refinements to several features and fixes for a number of reported issues.

  • Better cleaning of Google Chrome history.
  • System Analysis tool now detects information about your graphics card(s).
  • Redesigned the ‘running web browser detected’ dialog.
  • Fixed a bug causing settings to be lost when switching between non-English languages.
  • Added Hungarian localization
  • Updated the Russian localization.
  • Automatic localization file updating disabled for English-only users.
  • Plugins can now manipulate the excluded items list.
  • You can now completely disable update checking with custom branding [Pro]
  • Added experimental ‘directory mounter’ feature. More on this later. [Pro]
  • Scrollbar added to SystemNotes plugin. [Pro]
  • System Ninja Pro Portable users now receive the correct file through automatic updates. [Pro]
  • As always, you can get the latest version from the official download page. If you’re a Pro Club member, your installed copy of System Ninja will update automatically.

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