Bzzt! Image Editor Features

Supported file extensions

Bzzt! can process dozens of different file extensions, including all common formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, TIFF, EPS, and BMP. It’s capable of outputting JPG and PNG files.

File compression

Bzzt! Image Editor automatically applies compression to all files processed. You can choose between either lossless or lossy compression, depending on whether you want to prioritize smaller filesizes or higher quality images. The Output Quality slider is only available for JPEG images and can can be used to further compress JPEGs by reducing their quality.

Image Resizing

The following image resizing options are available.

Maintain aspect ratio

The Maintain aspect ratio option allows you to resize images without changing the ratio between the image’s width and height. You can disable this option to “stretch” images to the desired dimensions.

Only resize if original is larger

This option will skip the resizing of an image if that image is already smaller than the specified height and width. This prevents images from being “blown up” by the resizer.


If the image is rectangular, the extent option will increase either the height or the width (whichever is smaller) to produce a perfectly square image on a white background.

Image rotation

You can resize images by either 90 or 180 degrees in either direction.

Image Watermarking

The image watermarking tool is only available in Bzzt! Image Editor Pro.

Select an image file to be overlaid on images. The watermark can be of any size in any format supported by Bzzt! Image Editor. Transparency is supported.

Once Bzzt! has confirmed whether the image is an acceptable watermark, you will presented with a grid that’s used to select where you would like your watermark to be pasted on images. You can select any number of locations to apply the watermark.

Image Renaming

Files processed by Bzzt! Image Editor with the “Same folder, but renamed” option selected will have their file extension suffixed by ‘_bzzt’. You can change this by going to Settings -> File Rename Pattern.

You can use {original_filename} and {num} in the rename pattern to ensure unique filenames for each file created. {num} only works if you’re processing multiple files at once, in which case it will output ‘0’ and increase by 1 for each subsequent file.

Is Bzzt! Image Editor available in other languages?

Yes, Bzzt! Image Editor can be translated using the same method as our other products. New languages are being added with almost every new release.