MetroTextual 2.0.1

MetroTextual 2.0.1 is a minor release to fix some minor issues identified in the recent 2.0 update. Fixed bug causing the “Save changes before closing” … Read more

MetroTextual 2.0

MetroTextual 2.0 is now available! This is a major release including a significant user interface redesign and a lot of bug fixes. Added a dark … Read more

MetroTextual 1.8

The latest version of MetroTextual has been released! Version 1.8 is packed with new features, including editing support for Rich Text, Java, PHP and C++ … Read more

MetroTextual 1.7

MetroTextual 1.7 is now available, which includes several improvements to the code editor and a number of bug fixes. Added code AutoComplete to editor [preview] … Read more

MetroTextual 1.6

MetroTextual 1.6 is now available, offering a number of bug fixes and some cool new features for power users.

MetroTextual 1.5

MetroTextual 1.5 is now available; with new languages, feature improvements and plenty of bug fixes. Grab it from the official download page. Added automatic file … Read more

Transformers – MetroTextual Plugins

Transformers are simple plugins that transform the current text selection. They can provide a wide variety of functions, such as encoding/decoding, encryption/decryption or translation. Available … Read more

MetroTextual 1.4

MetroTextual 1.4 is now available with many bug fixes and new features, including a new Markdown editor. Grab the update from the official download page. … Read more