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– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or newer.
– Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
– You may need to use “Run as Administrator”

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CCEnhancer (Installer) 4.5.7

Download “CCEnhancer Installer”

ccenhancer-install-4.5.7.exe – Downloaded 1281167 times – 2.09 MB
CCEnhancer Portable 4.5.7

Download “CCEnhancer (Multilingual)” – Downloaded 4617320 times – 318.85 KB
CCEnhancer Portable (English only) 4.5.7

Download “CCEnhancer”

CCEnhancer-4.5.7.exe – Downloaded 2591064 times – 835.50 KB

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47 thoughts on “Download CCEnhancer”

  1. Both, beta and 1.4.3 give me the message “ccleaner not installed”.

    on new 3.00.1303 version (non portable), running W7/64 without UAC/ Eset NOD32.

    what can i do?

  2. It is thought that v1.5 of CCleaner Enhancer will not work with v3 of CCleaner in fact it will.

    Open CCleaner Enhancer, click on ‘NO’ when the first window appears, this will open the GUI.
    Click on ‘Extra’, click on ‘Install For Portable CCleaner’, select the CCleaner installation folder, this will update the winapp2.ini file.
    Job done.

  3. The application finds CCleaner on my Windows 7 x64 machine, but will not download the rules. I have run it as administrator. I thank you for your work on this, and will wait for the next update.

  4. 1.4.3 Doesn’t Support v3 yet.
    1.5 Beta 3 is not working.
    BTW At the bottom right it says” You’re using version 1.5 Beta 4″

  5. Hi Shane
    no go on my machine win 7×64 either. I’m using ccleaner 3 The program runs but will not download. Only the portable way works. 1.3 does not work at all. Thanks again for making ccleaner beter.

  6. your latest 1.5 beta 4 cannot detect ccleaner 32 bit installed on d:program filesccleaner directory. but 1.4 does this without problems.

  7. I have the latest CCleaner installed. Using Windows 7 (64bits) Ultimate, CCEnhancer comes with the following errors:

    Version 1.4.3: CCleaner not installed
    Version 1.5beta 4: CCleaner not installed in the expected folder

    • Hello, can you please re-download – I just made a small revision to fix a typo and can’t be bothered to increment the version. This is really frustrating πŸ˜›

  8. OK I found out something odd.
    In the folder C:Program Files (x86)CCleaner there is CCleaner.exe as well as CCleaner64.exe, if I click on either one CCleaner64.exe opens.
    I assumed one was 32bit and the other 64bit, however they both open the 64bit.
    Again I hope this helps.

  9. OK latest update dated nov 2 loads fine then downloads the update then a window opens that says Apologies, but we couldn’t find the CCleaner executable. You will have to run it normally.

    • Another step in the right direction then πŸ™‚
      Was it you who said previously that it runs ccleaner64.exe on a x64 bit system, even if you open ccleaner.exe instead?

      • I liked x64 systems before this week πŸ˜› Everything works fine on x32 – which probably means that I’m using ancient programming techniques :-

    • I hear your
      I don’t understand why Piriform installed the 64bit app in the 32bit folder, all other 64bit apps are installed in the C:Program Files folder and 32bit apps into the C:Program Files (x86) folder.

      • Perhaps the most annoying thing is if they ever decide to fix this I will likely have to solve this entire issue again. Hopefully by that time the majority of users will have .NET 4.0 installed, as that has a nifty function (Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem) which would be really handy right now πŸ™‚

  10. I use CCleaner ver. 3, Windows 7 – Home Premium (64-bit version). I’ve just downloaded the version announced as being ready on 11/2/10. It’s getting there. I can get the rules, but it still doesn’t find ccleaner.exe to run automatically.

  11. just tried beta 6 on windows 7 ultimate x86. seems to be working now but not on pre version 3 of ccleaner (just giving info here). dont know if you need to do anything else before releasing ‘final version’ but many tnx for your hard work up til now.


    • Yes, I’m still deciding whether backwards compatibility is worth all the issues it will inevitable cause. Sooner or later CC2.x will be forgotten, just as CC1.x is now – so it probably won’t be worth the effort.

  12. Latest Beta 6 actuall runs and downlaods list but cannot find CCleaner.EXE to run afterwards and states I need to run it normally.

    I do not know if this means the list actually updated or not as I already use CCEnhancer so could see no changes offhand !

  13. Just an observation relating to Dennis’ comment on the locations of the 64 bit CCleaner. I had uninstalled the older, 32 bit CCleaner when I installed ver. 3.0 on my 64-bit Windows 7 machine. CCleaner is in the 64 bit folder (Program Files) with the other 64 bit programs. There is NO CCleaner in Program Files (x86). Hope this helps.

  14. There is nothing odd about it !

    Many 64bit programs still install to Program Files (x86) folder like ESET ESS 64bit or Nod32 64bit.

    CCleaner 3.0 does not install to the 64bit Program Files folder on Windows 64.

  15. CORRECTION for above, ESET does install to Programs Files not Program Files (x86) but it does contain a x86 Folder inside its 64bit install for some reason or another !

    I know aint to do with this but I cannot remove my wrong info above so need to correct it !

    C:Program FilesESETESET Smart Securityx86

    At the end of the day its only Folders all in ROOT of C drive so it does not matter, its the Registry that matters and CCleaner now does run CCleaner64.exe on 64bit Windows versions.

    To answer the MOD’s question : Running the CCleaner.exe does actually load the 64bit version same as CCleaner64.exe does !

  16. Beta 7 is back to claiming CCleaner is not installed !

    Also why is there a “winapp2.ini” for ” Application Cleaning files” sitting inside ROOT of C Drive since these new Beta builds ?

    Nornally it will be neatly inside a folder somewhere !

    Win 7 64 CCleaner 3.0

  17. Unfortunate CCEnhancer v1.5 beta 7 does not work on my W7 x64 machine.
    Message: “CCleaner is not installed”.
    Do I do something wrong ?

  18. Version 2 works very good, thank you.
    Is it possible to program CCEnhancer in such a way that you can tick the box “Run CCleaner On Completion” independent from ticking the box “Update On Windows Start-up” ?
    I do not run CCEnhancer every time I start Windows.


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