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Frequently Asked Questions

What are System Ninja’s Requirements?

System Ninja requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed in order to use. System Ninja supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Earlier versions may work but are not officially supported.

Where is the portable version?

System Ninja Portable is now exclusively available to Pro Club members.

Why does System Ninja crash when launched?

This typically occurs due to one of the following reasons:
– Your system does not meet the above requirements
– Some of System Ninja’s files may be missing from the installation directory. Try reinstalling the program
– You may have a permissions issue. Make sure you’re logged in as an admin user and are running System Ninja with the “Run As Administrator” option.

Why is System Ninja crashing?

Due to the complexity of the scanning algorithms, this could be caused by a number of issues:

– You may have a permissions issue. Try running System Ninja with the “Run As Administrator” option.
– System Ninja is limited to 2.1 billion files per scan. Try breaking your scans into smaller operations.

If the above solutions do not stop the issue from occurring, you will need to run System Ninja in debug mode. This will produce a log of all the errors encountered while the scanner runs. If you cannot find the solution within this log, or the crash log produced, feel free to submit a bug report containing both of these files.

Why are web pages not loading in Google Chrome and Firefox?

This issue can be caused by accidental corruption of your browser’s data storage when System Ninja is cleaning.

Possible Causes:
– There is a delay between running a scan with System Ninja and actually removing the files.
– The web browser was open or in use during the scanning process.
– Certain browser processes may not be fully closed when the cache data is removed.
– The cleaning of the cache files was incomplete due to not selecting all files for removal, or a program error occurred.

To correct the issue – Solution #1:
#1: Close all running instances of the affected web browser. You may need to use the System Ninja Process Manager to ensure that all associated processes have been ended.
#2: Open System Ninja.
#3: Ensure the “Internet Cache” option is selected for cleaning.
#4: Run a scan of your computer and delete all of the detected files.

To correct the issue – Solution #2:
– Open the affected browser.
– Follow the cache reset instructions for each browser available at this page.

The browser should now display web pages correctly. If these options do not work, try cleaning the cache with the tools built into your web browsing application.

Why can’t System Ninja connect to the internet?

There could be a number of reasons why System Ninja is unable to connect:
– You are using a proxy configuration that System Ninja cannot detect, or does not support.
– Add a firewall and anti-virus exclusion for “CleanSync.exe”
– Ensure you have administrator privileges and that the “Run As Administrator” option has been used.
– Ensure your firewall allows inbound and outbound connections to: [https://content.thewebatom.net].
– The SingularLabs update servers may be offline.