System Ninja Plugins

System Ninja has a small number of plugins available that extend its functionality. Microsoft .NET developers can create custom utilities for System Ninja, allowing them to leverage the power of the System Ninja API.

Installing Plugins

Extract the provided .zip files into the “plugins” folder in System Ninja’s install directory. Windows 10 users may need to follow these additional instructions.

Available Plugins

Registry Cleaner
A lightweight tool that can detect and remove unnecessary registry keys.
Download this plugin
FileRenamer allows you to perform a simple text find and replace on filenames in a directory.

Download this plugin
FileAnalyzr quickly calculates the size, last-access times and MD5, CRC, SHA-1 and SHA-256 values of a file.

Download this plugin

While we will make every effort to fix issues identified with System Ninja’s plugins, please note that they are considered to be unsupported and used at your own risk. Several have been developed by programmers not associated with SingularLabs and we cannot provide warranty on their work.


Windows 10+ users will need to unblock the .zip file extraction, or else the plugin will be blocked by Windows. Instructions with screenshots here.

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