System Ninja – Update Available

An update for System Ninja is now available for download. Make sure you install the newest version to get the newest features and improvements.

What’s new in this version?

  • Brand new user interface design and colour scheme.
  • Windows 11 compatibility.
  • Added Recycle Bin to the list of cleaning options.
  • Fixed issue where System Ninja would reset “Automatic Updates” options for Mozilla products.
  • System Ninja will now correctly detect the Windows version number on Windows 10 and 11.
  • System Ninja will now warn against certain dangerous or silly actions with the DuplicateFinder tool.
  • Added recommendations to many new startup items.
  • Added Danish Localization (props René Blumensaadt).
  • [Pro] Added some new UI templates to the Custom Branding module, including Office2016 and Metro.
  • “Common Torrent Tags” cleaning has been removed as a cleaning option. These files are now cleaned when “Temporary Files” is checked.

Upgrade to System Ninja Pro

SingularLabs Pro Club members get System Ninja Pro included with their subscription. Enjoy features like a simplified, one-click optimization; automatic updates, custom branding, commandline arguments, no advertising, the exclusive System Notes app and much more

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