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System Ninja 2.4.5

This release fixes many of the bugs reported by our community in the past few weeks. We’re still inching ever closer to System Ninja 3.0, which is now less than two months away!

  • Added – Kill All Instances context menu option to the Process Manager
  • Fixed – Sorting now works in the Startup Manager
  • Fixed – tooltip text can now be translated
  • Fixed – issue that could potentially cause the System Analysis tool to crash
  • Fixed – number sorting now works for more international number formats
  • Fixed – search in App Uninstaller is no longer case sensitive

We also removed the plugin manager from this release. Many existing plugins will need to be updated to reflect the changes to the plugins API in preparation for System Ninja 3.0.

The update is available from the System Ninja homepage.

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4 comments. Posted January 5, 2014 in Releases.

MetroTextual 1.6

MetroTextual 1.6 is now available, offering a number of bug fixes and some cool new features for power users.

  • Improved – brand new ‘Recent Files’ interface in the sidebar
  • Added – Code commenting and uncommenting tool, that detects the current language
  • Added – Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Fixed – Keyboard shortcuts now working in Markdown editor
  • Fixed – Horizontal scrollbar no longer shows all the time
  • Fixed – Window edges no longer obscured when MetroTextual is maximized
  • Updated – Russian translation
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    6 comments. Posted December 9, 2013 in Releases.

    System Ninja 2.4.4

    This update focuses on under-the-hood improvements, which are needed in preparation of System Ninja 3.0. Don’t worry, there’s still some neat new features and important bug fixes included.

  • Translation files can be automatically updated
  • Added a “Quick Kill” tool to the Process Manager
  • Process Manager can now correctly sort apps by memory usage
  • Uninstaller can now remove multiple apps in sequence
  • Updated the French localization (props @pierre)

    Get the latest update from the official System Ninja download page.

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    No comments. Posted November 18, 2013 in Releases.
  • Nucleus 0.3

    Nucleus 0.3 is now available for testing. This release is predominantly focused on architectural (under-the-hood) improvements, with only a few user-facing improvements. As previously stated, Nucleus is an experimental project and should not be used on mission critical systems.

  • Added a “start menu” to the terminal, now called “spotlight”
  • Fixed issues with Gmail unread item detection
  • Modularized design to allow new notification services to be added
  • Removed dependency on System.Ninja.Utilities and shared code
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    3 comments. Posted October 14, 2013 in Releases.

    JavaRa 2.3

    JavaRa 2.3 is now available, fixing several bugs and further improving localizations. We’ve also updated the definitions to add support for JRE and older versions (including the 1.6.x series).

  • Fixed issue where definition updater would freeze
  • The logging option can no longer be disabled
  • Fixed crash when using multiple command line switches
  • The size of the application window is now preserved between sessions
  • Updated Russian, Czech, Spanish and Brazilian translations
  • Added Italian and Traditional Chinese translations
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    One comment. Posted September 12, 2013 in Releases.

    CCEnhancer 3.8

    CCEnhancer 3.8 is a minor release aiming to improve translations and fix some minor issues.

  • Improved compatibility with new download server
  • Updated error messages with newer URLs
  • Menu tooltips can now be translated
  • Added Japanese and Ukrainian translations
  • Updated French and German translations
  • Grab the update from the official CCEnhancer page.

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    2 comments. Posted August 26, 2013 in Releases.

    MetroTextual 1.5

    MetroTextual 1.5 is now available; with new languages, feature improvements and plenty of bug fixes. Grab it from the official download page.

  • Added automatic file saving and recovery
  • Added French, Czech and Japanese translations
  • Fixed issue where incorrect cursor icon would display
  • Fixed UI rendering issues for non-English users
  • Improved UI performance when dealing with large files
  • Improved reliability of file read/write operations
  • Fixed issue where MetroTextual could not be closed
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    3 comments. Posted July 20, 2013 in Releases.

    System Ninja 2.4.3

    System Ninja 2.4.3 introduces a number of improvements and fixes several reported bugs. Grab the update from the official download page.

  • Added support for Opera 15
  • Startup Manager better detects Scheduled Tasks
  • Fixed issue where scan results were shown before the scan finished.
  • Made significant changes to the plugin API
  • Added descriptive icons to the scan results list
  • If you’re using any System Ninja plugins, they will need to be re-installed after updating.

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    One comment. Posted July 11, 2013 in Releases.

    JavaRa 2.2

    We’re proud to announce the release of JavaRa 2.2, which focuses on improvements to the command-line functions. We’ve also released new JavaRa definitions, which add removal support for JRE 1.7.21.

  • Commandline switch feature improved significantly (props rweber)
  • Error logging improvements
  • Interface text is now easier to localize
  • Added Finnish and Czech translations
  • Configuration file is saved more efficiently
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    4 comments. Posted May 28, 2013 in Releases.

    MetroTextual 1.4

    MetroTextual 1.4 is now available with many bug fixes and new features, including a new Markdown editor. Grab the update from the official download page.

  • Added Markdown editor with preview panel
  • Added a Recent Files list in sidebar
  • Added an Italian translation and updated Russian
  • Added rudimentary plugin support (plugins coming soon!)
  • Fixed several context menu bugs
  • Formatting is better preserved when saving
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    No comments. Posted May 11, 2013 in Releases.