System Ninja 2.2.1 Released

We’ve squashed some bugs and made some improvements. Just a typical day really. – Recycle bin cleaning now supports multi-drive systems. – Junk Files in … Read more

JavaRa 2.0 alpha build available

JavaRa 2.0 is now available for testing purposes. Do not suggest this version to troubleshoot JRE related issues until a stable build is available. JavaRa makes significant changes to your registry and filesystem, so please make sure you backup valuable data before testing.

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System Ninja 2.2 Stable

After a few weeks of public testing, System Ninja 2.2 is now officially released. A beta version of version 2.3 will become available in the … Read more

CCEnhancer 2.5 available

This is just a small update, aimed at improving CCEnhancer‘s system compatibility and providing improved functionality for advanced users. – Improved Windows x64 compatibility – … Read more

System Ninja 2.2 beta-2 available

System Ninja 2.2 beta 2 is now available, containing a number of user interface and performance improvements. What’s new? Process Manager can properly terminate programs. … Read more

CCEnhancer 2.4 is now available

CCEnhancer has been updated to add French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish translations. More will be added soon. A few minor performance improvements have been … Read more

JavaRa Definitions Updated

The definition file for JavaRa has been updated to remove all remnants of JRE up to version Please download the tool from the official … Read more

System Ninja 2.1 Available

System Ninja 2.1 is now available. This version contains significant changes from the previous versions, including a new process manager, cloud-based cleaning routines, multiple languages, improved cleaning power and dozens of improvements to the underlying platform. The download is available from the official System Ninja page.

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