CCEnhancer Multilingual Fix

Yesterday we released CCEnhancer 3.0, which dramatically changed the way translations are handled. Unfortunately some users were unable to get their language settings to save … Read more

CCEnhancer 3.0

We’ve starting making CCEnhancer more useful for advanced users who are comfortable working with winapp2.ini files. Version 3.0 now has a debugging feature, that allows you to scan your CCEnhancer definitions for hundreds of possible syntax errors. CCEnhancer 3.0 can simultaneously update multiple CCleaner installs, has better portable CCleaner support and even supports BleachBit. The new version is available from the official download page. Full list of changes below:

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System Ninja 2.3.1

System Ninja 2.3.1 is now available, correcting a number of bugs that were reported in version 2.3. The most commonly occurring of these bugs is an error that causes the program to freeze at 93% completion. The update can be downloaded from the official download page. A full list of changes can be seen below. If you experience any upgrading issues, please visit The Web Atom forums for help. Thanks!

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JavaRa 2.0 Beta Available

The beta version of JavaRa 2.0 is now available for download. Many bugs have been fixed since we released the JavaRa 2.0 back in December. … Read more

System Ninja 2.3

System Ninja 2.3 is now our official “stable” build. Since the beta, we drastically improved the process manager tool. It now displays changes to your … Read more

System Ninja 2.3 beta available

The next version of System Ninja is almost ready. If you’re feeling adventurous, please spend a few minutes putting 2.3-beta through its paces and report any issues. The beta is available in both Windows Installer and portable flavours from the official download page.

Keep an eye out for more releases in coming days!

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System Ninja 2.2.1 Released

We’ve squashed some bugs and made some improvements. Just a typical day really. – Recycle bin cleaning now supports multi-drive systems. – Junk Files in … Read more

JavaRa 2.0 alpha build available

JavaRa 2.0 is now available for testing purposes. Do not suggest this version to troubleshoot JRE related issues until a stable build is available. JavaRa makes significant changes to your registry and filesystem, so please make sure you backup valuable data before testing.

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